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A piece of your mind - a short, slow burn love story

TLDR: Consider - A heartfelt story of love, lose and picking yourself back together with help of people around you. Underrated and thankfully a shortrun drama.

This drama was not much of a hit back in Korea and thus was shortened but that seemed like a good thing to happen to this drama. Not because it was bad, I loved the drama but this shortened stint gave it the pace it needed. They finished it off early by speeding up things in the story.

A piece of you mind is a romantic melodrama, starts with Ha Won's (Jae In) obsession with his first love and once a best friend, some technically questionable innovations and ends with a healthy relationship between two odd

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The Story

"A Piece of Your Mind" is a romantic drama series that follows the story of Ha Won, a young artificial intelligence programmer, and Han Seo Woo, a classical recording engineer. Ha Won is a quiet and reserved person who is dedicated to his work, while Han Seo Woo is a passionate and energetic individual who is deeply connected to music.

Despite their differences, Ha Won and Han Seo Woo find themselves drawn to each other as they work together to create an AI-powered audio device. However, as they get closer, they discover that their past experiences have left deep wounds that threaten to tear them apart. Ha Won is haunted by the loss of his mother, while Han Seo Woo is struggling with the guilt of a terrible mistake from her past.

As they work through their emotional scars, Ha Won and Han Seo Woo begin to realize that they have found a true connection in each other. However, past stand in the way of their happiness, forcing them to confront the challenges of love and acceptance.

Throughout the series, Ha Won and Han Seo Woo must navigate their complex feelings for each other and learn to trust and open their hearts to the possibility of love. With the support of their friends and family, they eventually come to understand that they have the power to heal each other and create a brighter future together.

"A Piece of Your Mind" is a touching and heartwarming story about love, healing, and the power of human connection. It explores the depths of the human soul and the journey to finding happiness in life.

Reasons to watch this drama

A natural flow of relationships

The flow of the relationship and the story feels so natural the way it is written but also because of the chemistry between the actors.

The characters' emotions and motivations are well-developed and believable. Their experiences, personal struggles, and desires are shown in a way that makes them relatable and understandable to the audience. This allows the audience to connect with the characters and feel invested in their journey, making their relationship feel real and natural.

Secondly, the script builds the relationship gradually, allowing time for the characters to get to know each other and for their feelings to grow organically. The pace of the relationship is not rushed, but it is also not too slow, making it feel natural and believable.

Finally, the actors' performances are key to making the relationship feel natural. Their chemistry and ability to convey their emotions through their actions and expressions help to bring the relationship to life and make it feel authentic.

All of these elements work together to create a relationship that feels real and natural, making the audience root for the characters and invested in their journey.

Warm and Soothing Soundtracks

The warm and soothing soundtracks in "A Piece of Your Mind" add so much emotion and depth to the story. The melodies play on the audience's heartstrings and enhance every feeling and moment between the characters. Whether it is a light and cheerful tune that accompanies their happy times or a longing and melancholic song that underscores their sadness, the music perfectly matches and elevates the mood of each scene.

The drama creators clearly chose and created the soundtracks with great care and attention in order to maximize their emotional impact and support the characters' stories in the most effective way. I might also be biased here since I have been a hige fan of Ha Hyun-Sung's voice ever since I saw him on Superband.

Eun Joo's Homestay

Eun Joo's homestay was central for many of the characters of the story and it did not disappoint. It was everyone's place of comfort and healing. The place and stories of the people there touches upon important themes like family relationships, communication, overcoming trauma and mental health. Though done subtly, these themes impart valuable life lessons to the viewers.

Reasons you might want to skip this drama

Ha Won's weird obsession

One of the things that I cringed me a few times was male lead's weird obsession with his first love. She is happy and married to someone else (from what he knows about her) so why does he want to create her digital twin of sorts for himself? And he goes to lengths to make sure she doesn't know what he is doing. He could just reunite with her as friends and be happy for her.

Anything related to Soon Ho

OH MY GOD! This character irritated me every time she was on screen. Maybe it was her monotone delivery of dialogues or the way her character was sooo nosy or both. I wish I could delete that character altogether from the whole story.


In conclusion, "A Piece of Your Mind" is a touching story with multiple layers that viewers from different backgrounds can connect with. Beyond the romance between the leads, the drama touches upon universal themes of healing and growth through human connection.

Communication is key GUYS! If after watching so many dramas you ask me for one relationship advice. It's communicating your feelings clearly to each other for them to understand.

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