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EXO Storyline 03: X-EXO rise and Fall - the most confusing part of it all


If you have not read the origin story or the first or second blog of the EXO story series, make sure to read that before starting this one. It will help you understand the whole picture better.

Last time, we left at LUCKY ONE, where the EXO members were captured and experimented by Red Force to create EXO clones. Presumably, Red Force succeeded in creating the perfect clones and that's at end of the LUCKY ONE MV, Red Force lets EXO members go. Here, after this MV the timelines diverge into 2, one for EXO and another for X-EXO (Clones of EXO).

After EXO members are our of the lab, Red Force starts training the clones to match the real XO powers while letting EXO think that they are safe and have nothing to fear anymore. In the LOVE SHOT MV, X-EXO plans the biggest heist to get the money they might need for their new operation. Ton of red imagery throughout the video indicating these are agents of RF, for everyone expect DO. In the MV, DO pours out the red liquid from this cube, which indicates his loyalty may not be with the Red Force.

In LOTTO MV, we see X-EXO members doing some shady stuff while trying to save some girl. While everyone is busy gambling, cock fighting or burning money, DO is recording other members doing it all. Here at the end of the MV, it seems like the girl who they all were trying to save, sold them out but in real it was all part of the plan. The whole thing was a setup, right before the members are captured we see Chanyeol handing over a tape (that DO was recording) to the girl who is being taken away by the officer. According to my theory Red Force wants to use this tape to show the world that the EXO members in real life are evil and not to be trusted and thus had X-EXO do all shady things and demean the real EXO’s efforts to save the world or even to stop them coming back to earth.

In the opening VCR of their fourth concert ElyXion (Japanese) DO writes a letter to each and every EXO member. If you see VCR of each member, you will see every member’s occupation on earth. When DO finishes reading the letter (0:53 video mark), an Eclipse happens and EXO seem to regain their powers through the same. We will come back to the remaining video after OBSESSION MV.

When the teaser posters of OBSESSION comeback were released, if you focus on the right top of the poster you will see the text: “ Questionable beings have been spotted around the globe, causing abnormal activities. It was witnessed by many that these beings, radiating red energy, move and create phenomena beyond the human level. From research, it has been confirmed there are total of six of these exotic beings. They are assumed to be similar in form with EXO, a being that has been tracked for long now.”

Well that is self explanatory, these are the X-EXOs, and they emit this red energy because they were created by the Red Force (RF). And since they are meant to be copies of EXO, Eclipse also activates the powers of X-EXO as it does to EXO.

At end of the ElyXion VCR, we see Kai gather all the members together and thus they are as powerful as the X-EXO now. They fight each other in OBSESSION MV

The performance parts of the MV, keep switching between the EXO members and the X-EXO members. Even mirroring the choreographies at certain points. We then see each EXO member fighting their E-EXO counterpart.

BEAKHYUN fighting BAËKHYUN in fencing. No-one seems to win this fight.

KAI fighting KĀi in what seems like bull taunting but with bike. Here we see 4 version son KAI. 2 of KAI, 1 normal and 1 inverted and then KĀi normal and then inverted.

SUHO fighting SUHØ in a museum with water above it. They are not exactly shown fighting because most of the time SUHO is shown unconsciously floating but in some shots we see him awake. At end of their fight, SUHØ is shown as turned to a statue, in one of the interviews SUHO mentioned that “As all know humans are made of 90% water, and thus the SUHØ turned to statue because all the moisture was drained out of him.”

CHANYEOL fighting CHANYEØL with fire that he has already created. CHANYEOL'S face glows in red and we see fire coming out of him at end of the fight. Not sure who won this fight.

CHEN fighting CHËN in chess. Room full of monitors. The game on the Chess boards seems weird as well. CHËN has a Knight and 4 pawns up on the board whereas in case of CHEN it is only 1 knight. Both the Kings have fallen so how can there be a winner? Even in this fight the CHËN’s face glows up in red. No idea who wins this fight

SEHUN fighting SEHUͤN in archery. SEHUͤN is sitting on a throne made of arrows whereas Sehun is aiming the arrow at him. SEHUN aims for SEHUͤN but hits himself. Again no idea who won the fight.

MV ends with the world getting destroyed and thus indicating that EXO lost to X-EXO. This entails the destruction of EXO, X-EXO and the humanity as we know it.

This still means victory for Red Force, since X-EXO are nothing but pawns that were the copies of X-EXOs not the Red Force itself. Plus I think the Red Force does not live on earth.

Now if we go back to the ElyXiOn closing VCR after 0:53 from the video, we see KAI walking in a hallway with many doors which is a dimension he uses to teleport from one dimension and place to other. He goes to each door to collect all the EXO members and brings them to one place. When he is collecting/ Rescuing the members, you can see they are being chased by someone with similar powers to that of the members. In case of DO, he is running from what seems like an earthquake, similar to CHANYEOL who is running from the Fire and Lighting in case of CHEN. So it seems that they are running away after fighting the X-EXOs. So according to this theory, right before the world was being destroyed, KAI Teleported the EXO members to the Tree of Life as shown in the ElyXiOn closing VCR.

In this ElyXiOn closing VCR, you see EXO come through a set of doors, implying that KAI has teleported them there. I am saying this is the tree of life because it seems very similar to what we saw as animated version in the MAMA MV. I think the Earth was destroyed in Universe 1 but they still have to save the earth in the Universe 2, so they can still achieve their goals to defeat the Red Force. The VCR proceeds with each member using their power to create a new Earth for Universe 1 before leaving for the Earth in universe 2.

I will conclude this post with the overview of this phase in the graphics below:

Let me know what you think in the comments. Do you have any other questions about the EXO timeline? Let me know and I will try to answer them. I will write about the next phase of the EXO timeline which is EXO 04: The Perfect Plan (EXO’luXiOn, PATHCODE, POWER(COMICS), MONSTER, POWER & EXO SHIP SAGA)

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