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EXO Universe Storyline: my theory - because why not

The Beginning and the overview

The origin of EXO:

The origin of EXO was introduced for the first time through the MAMA video. They come from an Extraterrestrial planet, whose story is explained as:

When the skies and the ground were one, the legends, through their 12 forces, nurtured the tree of life.

- These legends are the original 12 members with their superpowers

The eye of the red force created the evil that coveted the heart of the tree of life, and the heart slowly grew dry.

To tend and embrace the heart, the legends hereby divide the tree in half and hide each side.

- This refers to the creation of 2 sub-units from the very start of EXO. EXO-K & EXO-M. Unfortunately, at the moment there is one EXO!

Hence the time is overturned and space turns askew.

- This might be the reason why all the EXO Music videos seem like they are not in order. Time and Space ARE not linear.

The 12 forces divide into two and create two suns that look alike into 2 worlds that seem alike. The legends travel apart. The legends now shall now see the same sky but shall stand on different grounds, shall stand on the same ground but shall see different skies.

- This indicates whatever is happening in EXO-K and EXO-M are the parable universes, at the same time but maybe not in the same place.

The day the grounds be kept a single file before one sky in two worlds that seem alike, the legends will greet each other. The day the red force is purified and the 12 forces reunite into one perfect root, a new world shall open up.

- When both EXO-K and EXO-M meet on the same ground after defeating the Red Force, a new Universe will be born. For now let’s assume that this universe is KWANGYA (no way to know for sure, I’m assuming this because of Kai’s line in DFTF that they are speeding towards KWANGYA)

Few points to keep in mind:

The heart of the tree was split in half, not the tree itself

The eye of the red force damaged the heart, not the red force itself.

OT9 Member Introduction:

Now let’s move on know more about each of the present members more. At the time of their debut, each member with their superpowers was also given a number (which was selected by them personally). These numbers also have significance in the story, so let’s introduce each member with their name, number, superpower, and their symbol.


Number: 99

Power: Frost

This power can manipulate snow and ice. The weirder can control the weather by having it snow and hail as desired. And also instantly freeze a target by rapidly dropping the temperature. The weirder can create glacial walls, ice pillars, or any shape of ice by freezing the moisture in the air and surrounding it with water.


Number: 1

Power: Water

This power can generate water out of thin air and manipulate all forms of liquid. The welder can control water without being interfered with by gravitational force, and also move large bodies of water such as rivers and oceans. Beyond simply collecting the water tapirs in the atmosphere, the wielders can also produce massive amounts of water. And this power can also transform the shape of water without limitation and increase its mass. In most cases, the power becomes stronger when the wielded is near water.


Number: 10

Power: Healing

Unfortunately Lay was not part of Power Album and thus we do not have a detailed description of his power. But based on what we know:

This power can restore biotic organisms to their optimal health, cure damaged or withered organisms, wounds, broken bones, low vitality, and diseases/poisoning. It is the sub-power of biological manipulation and health manipulation.


Number: 4

Power: Light

This power can create, control and shape visible light. Its fundamental ability is to emit light in the darkness and has other various abilities to divert one’s sight by blasting light and creating illusions. Spectrum can be created as well through a prism when the light comes in contact with another object. The power also ability to obliterate existing light.

Updated in the Obsession Era (solo VCR): He had many special powers including the ability to see into the future in addition to his power over light.


Number: 21

Power: Thunder

This power can control all forms of lighting as desired. Irreversible damage can be inflicted upon the target by controlling the intensity of the thunderbolt and where it strikes. The power not only controls and creates lightning but also cause storm, hail and other various weather phenomena. The welder of this power is known to immunize to any and all weather conditions. Depending on how skilled the wielder is, the power can be performed regardless of external factors and also from dense, stable magnetic fields.


Number: 61

Power: Fire

This power can create visible for without utilizing any tools and manipulate fire into various forms. The weedier of this power is not affected or harmed by the flames even when a large fire is created. Fire can be ignited even without any ignition source since the wielder itself can be the mediator of the fire.


Number: 12

Power: Force

This power controls the force of the earth and absorbs the energy to feel supernatural strength. The fundamental ability of this power is to move massive objects easily, and furthermore manipulate their mass, shape, and form. It is also known to be a transcendental power where the wielder can not only move specific objects that are in sight or in hand but also control the movement of the invisible energy. Like this, it is a power that surpasses physical limitations, where the wielder is able to control its strength as desired.


Number: 88

Power: Teleportation

This power moves a physical object or energy from one place to another instantaneously. It allows oneself r a specific object to move to another distant location. Teleportation can occur instantly without the restriction of time and distance. Variations of this ability are also known as portal, warp, and hyperspace jump. The wielder has no restrictions of time and distance and the more microscopic the object disintegrates, the higher the accuracy of teleportation becomes.

Updated in the Obsession Era (solo VCR): These powers can change the course of civilization


Number: 94

Power: Wind

This power manipulates the flow of air utilizing the difference in atmospheric pressure. The wielder can move the flow of the air around to create wind and adjust its direction and intensity as desired. Since the speed and density of the wind movement can also be controlled, this ability can be effectively used depending on the given situation.

These superpowers are not only shown in the EXO MVs and songs but also in their solo albums. E.g: BEAKHYUN’S superpower symbol appearing again and again on his solo album covers, KAI’s teleportation acts in the Mmmh MV or recurring water theme in SUHO’s solo album Self Portrait, LAY’s use of flowers for his album covers which is a recurring theme of healing within EXO’s MVs and teaser related to LAY. Each of the Solo albums has given clues about the next solo album to come in their MVs, e.g: at end of Kai's Mmhh you see a rock emerging from the ground and here only D.O's and Xiumin's symbols glow. Now that D.O has made his solo debut, I think it is safe to assume Xiumin will be next.

Some theories also say that EXO-SC MV’s are also connected to The War era due to their similar aesthetics and hair colors.

Important signs for whole EXO discography


  • EXO uses eclipses all the time, all their comebacks days are synced with Eclipses in the present or past eclipse events. DFTF was literally launched on the Eclipse day

  • Eclipses give EXO their superpowers, also it is a signal for them to meet.

Butterflies (also represents EXO-Ls as CHAN YEOL said in 2015 in one of the interviews)

About X-EXO

At one point in the storyline, we will have EXO and X-EXO (clones created by EXO’S enemy the Red Force)

While EXO’s slogan is “We Are One”, X-EXO’s slogan is “ One Are We”

They even have the X-EXO names










Timeline Overview

In case you don’t want to know the detailed storyline through each MV here is a quick recap of what has happened until now (MY THEORY):

I have divided the whole timeline into 5 parts namely:

  1. First visit to Earth and the Capture

  2. Experiments, Dreams, and the Escape

  3. X-EXO rise and Fall

  4. The Perfect Plan

  5. The flight to Nowhere

For now, let's stop right there and I will come back with the detailed timeline of EXO MV's and how they are connected.

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