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EXO Storyline 04: The Plan - get back on track


If you have not read the origin story or the first, second, or third blog of the EXO story series, make sure to read that before starting this one. It will help you understand the whole picture better.

Last time, we left at ElyXiOn closing VCR, where the EXO members come through a set of doors to the Tree of life and their own planet. At end of the Obsession, the Earth from one of the parallel universes was destroyed and EXO uses their powers to recreate life on the destroyed planet, before going to the Earth from Universe 2.

EXO’luXion VCR the narrator reads a report conducted by humans on EXO after observing their behaviors over the years. The government has also discovered the existence of dangerous objects on Earth and in space. In the second part of the teaser from the same concert, we see one of these objects fall to Earth from the EXO planet. This is witnessed by a human passing by in a car (the car represents that the objects came to earth recently).

The Government theorizes that there are 9 of these objects and that suddenly these objects have started acting weirdly. You can see these objects rising to the sky and through space. This is the event of EXO’luXion, initiated by EXO members when on the Exoplanet. Each object belongs to each of the members. Should I say, if this theory is correct, I should say thank god there was no object on Earth from Universe 1. Anyways back to it, after the rising objects, we see a glimpse of a world completely made of hexagons (presumably EXO planet) where we see each member interacting with these objects (much like orbs in POWER MV). It is possible that these objects are vessels of EXO’s power. It might be, that the objects and the power stored in them are unstable for some reason. You see each member trying to tame it while interacting.

Once they have acquired the objects they create a plan, which starts with PATH CODE. For PATHCODE, EXO members seem to have traveled back to Earth but are not together. Each teaser was shot in a different city, when you add the first letter of each city in the order of teaser release it makes up the title of their track CALL ME BABY. You can see members struggling to use their powers at first and then suddenly have outbursts of it.

I think in the sequences of the PATHCODES, DO's pathcode comes first. He gets glimpses of each member struggling to use the power and he somehow activates them. The symbolization of 10 balls he is playing with at end of the teasers, where he uses one to hit all remaining 9, I think that shows he activates the powers and that's why each member has outbursts of it without any expectation. And that's how they know danger is coming.

Tao's teaser gives us some context of how they came to earth, he is shown reading a newspaper that shows the news that says “10 meteoroids have fallen on earth on different locations”.

Chanyeol accidentally sets the whole forest on fire while roaming.

Suho does something similar, where unexpectedly he floods a barren swimming pool.

Kai and Beakhyun are being chased by something or someone throughout their teasers.

And once Beakhyun is almost captured, he uses his power to make the Ecplise which serves as a signal to other EXO members.

Sehun and Chen’s teaser shows Eclipse which makes them aware that something evil is coming and seems like a signal that indicates that they must meet each other to activate their initial plan.

In the case of Xiumin and Lay, they also seem to have unexpectedly got their powers, but they see the signal in form of digital chatter on TV (for Xiumin) and on phone (for LAY)

After the signal, all the EXO members team up to go on their mission. Which by the comics plotline, seems to be - retrieve something from the van. Now at the start of the POWER (Comics) we see Bealkhyun in the water and thinking to himself “something was wrong from the very start of the mission”. We will come back to this point in later MV decodes. Now another hint why I think this is happening exactly after the PATH CODE is the outfit. All of them have similar outfits to that of the PATH CODE teasers. Which solidifies the previous theory that the eclipse was a signal to other members to team up for this mission.

EXO The War comic FULL
Download PDF • 7.64MB

If you read comics, it is clear they fail the mission or maybe that was their plan all along to meet the Red Force in person. The object they were hoping to find in the Van was not there and they were ambushed. There is an explosion on the bridge which was initiated the moment they opened the van door. I assume, here Red Force had recaptured the EXO members.

Next comes MONSTER MV, after the last failed plan, the Red force captured the EXO members and shoved all of them in the van to take them somewhere. But here throughout the MV, we do not see Beakhyun with them, he is always on his own in the MV and maybe trying to break them out of the prison. I think in Pathcode it was their trap to bring the Red force to them, which worked, and somehow Beakhyun infiltrated the Red Force as one of the agents. That is how he helps the captured EXO members from the back of the truck/van (which is oddly similar to that in the Comics).

In the Power MV teaser, it says that RF05 (a bot created by Red Force) has acquired all the powers orbs except that of Light (Beakhyun), which can be because they could not capture Beakhyun and thus his power orb. Unnecessary detail but in this teaser, it also mentions that the bot has a feature using which he can make the EXO 2D characters (which is what we go that kitty do at the end of the Power MV- I was so confused about what is happening until I saw this teaser)

POWER MV Starts with narration similar to that in MAMA. But here the Red Force is still unpurified, which means the new world has not opened up yet. 8 members of EXO are reunited on an alien planet, fighting with RF agent with guns than powers, thus indicating they lost their power. When the RF05 is unable to retrieve the Light orb, it creates an unusual energy beam which Chen reflects back to the bot and thus ends it. At end of the MV, each member gathers an orb that relates to their own powers.

Here comes the kitty which from the leftover parts of the RF05 presses a button that transforms the EXO members into 2D characters. Beakhyun appears after being absent almost the whole MV and picks up the kitty, get’s his own orb, and creates an Eclipse which helps restore the powers of other members. But again the MV ends with Beakhyun in Water as in Power Comics presumably thinking the same thing. I have no idea why Beakhyun was missing the whole MV and leaving his members fighting by themselves without the powers.

After the fight with the RF05, the EXO members left the planet in their spaceship, and due to some unfamiliar event, they had to make an emergency landing. EXO SHIP SAGA’s gameplay is to shoot or defeat the Red Force ships that have been attacking the EXO ship and at the end of the level, you see Red Force himself attacking the ship. This might be the reason why the ship explodes and EXO members had to make an emergency landing. And this is how Beakhyun ends up in the water thinking where did the plan go wrong?

Each member falls to a different place/ planet. The perfect plan they had, failed. The Red Force should have been defeated by the destruction of RF05 but that didn’t work out.

And here ends the 4th phase of the EXO Timeline, to conclude once again here is phase 4 in one shot.

What do you think of this storyline? Can you help me understand why Beakhyun was missing from the whole Power MV when he could help his members defeat RF05?

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