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EXO Storyline 05: The flight to Nowhere (KWANGYA) - we are at the end


If you have not read the origin story or any of the previous blogs (01, 02, 03, 04) of the EXO story series, make sure to read that before starting this one. It will help you understand the whole picture better.

DFTF MV flashbacks at the start: At the very start of the MV we see streaks of light and emergency pods flying around and the spaceship exploding. I think this shows the emergency evacuation for each member.

But if we see the DFTF teasers we can see the members could not land on their own planets but in the moment of panic boarded the wrong pods and ended up on planets corresponding to each other’s superpowers. DO to fire planet that corresponds to Chanyeol’s superpowers, while Chanyeol ended up on a planet that looks like Earth (But I assume it isn’t exactly Earth but similar). Kai to Wind planet, while Sehun into the teleportation planet. Xiumin to the light planet and Beakhyun to the ice (with water) planet. In the game EXO SHIP SAGA which was used to promote Don’t Fight The Feeling comeback, you can still select Suho and Chen as players but if you do ‘NOT IN THIS GALAXY’ message appears, which means wherever these 2 landed after the spaceship explosion they are not in this galaxy but some other galaxy.

So in this DFTF MV, they seem to be traveling somewhere in the spaceship after being re-united, we see numbers E408 AND L1485 written in some places. E408 being the EXOPLANET AND L1485 might be their current location. During this MV, they seem to be charting towards E408. But instead of reaching the planet at end of the video, they seem to have reached some portal (which no matter how much I would hate to admit but seems like Kwangya- a place between different dimensions where all the SM artists come together). What this implies is not clear, but I am assuming this somehow will help them defeat the Red Force.

Kwangya is where aespa's virtual avatars and their enemy the Black Mamba live. Black Mamba can be just another name for EXO’s enemy the Red Force. Since we never got a glimpse of how what this guy looks like, only his agents. But then again their no certainty of this theory, it’s just my assumption. If that’s the case, it does make sense that EXO is heading to Kwangya to defeat the Red Force. And maybe that’s the real reason why EXO couldn’t defeat Red Force before because Red Force was residing in Kwangya all along.

There is another shared concept in SM artists, called Kosmo, which is a place where they all can reach once they complete their goals but I don't think EXO is on its way there yet because they still have not yet defeated the Red Force, their ultimate enemy. Or maybe, DFTF is the MV right after POWER when EXO have boarded their spaceship to go somewhere but had to land in an emergency.

In conclusion, the storyline of this phase will depend on the latest EXO comeback which GOD, OH MY GOD! is scheduled this year in 2022! But for now, let's keep this as the one and only song of Phase 05.

What did you think of the whole timeline that you read from start till here? Did you enjoy it? I would so much love to have a book or a comic that depicts this whole story into one. How about you?

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