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Doh Kyungsoo's (EXO) solo debut with Empathy that just warms you inside

D.O finally debuted as a solo artist after 9 years of his career. I was really looking forward to it, especially after he dropped a masterpiece as "That's Okay' before his enlistment without any promos. And man oh man did he slay it!

And like the king that he is, he has songs, not in just 1 but 3 languages in his solo album. I have always admired his English pronunciations in variety shows and song covers but a whole song in his voice was just great. Not a Spanish speaker so no idea why clear the Spanish pronunciations are but as an Italian (close enough language) speaker they don't seem alien.

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“Empathy” talks about different forms of love—from courtship, parental love, self-love, to unrequited love. It’s a peek into Kyungsoo’s thoughts about love that are weaved into a seamless listening experience. He has mentioned somewhere in the interview how his first love affected his future thinking about relationships and how hurt he was after that. But in this album you see him embracing the new love and starting anew (almost).


Rose is a bright track, a perfect start to the day. The track is written by Kyungsoo himself and you feel the sincerity of his voice piercing through you. Oh my god, if only someone would sing like that to me. The album also has an English version of the song. Kyungsoo mentioned it on his bubble update that he kept the English song in the album because he just loved the song guide that he had received, which was in English.

Favorite verse from the song:

Korean Version:

"Even though I see you every day you’re still pretty and I love it ..."

“You are prettier than a rose, I can’t really express my feelings in words,”

English Version:

" If you need a lover, Let me know and let me in

I could treat you better. Steal you roses every day.

I might not have a fancy car, but I fancy you. So gimme a chance"

I'm Gonna Love You

The next song is I'm Gonna Love You, this is an R&B-inspired song with the melody of acoustic guitar. It was a collaboration between Kyungsoo and another South Korean rapper Wonstein. It was also nice to mix of two different vocals. Btw if you listen closely you can listen to Kyungsoo rap a little. I personally was not a big fan, this probably is one of my least favorite song on the album but that's a personal opinion.

Favorite verse from the song:

"Like drinking a cup of coffee in the morning Like the sun rises toward the west It’s so natural to love you. "

My Love

My Love is a perfect car drive song, I love the comforting melody and heartfelt lyrics of the song. The lyrics talk about how everything the singer is seeing when he is with the love of his life is beautiful. And everything he does signifies his love for her.

Favorite verse from the song:

"Through this night air walking with you Temperature and weather suit you The night sky, the starlight, your eyes Everything I’m seeing with my eyes That’s just my love."

It's Love & Si Fueras Mia

Then comes It's Love, a song that gives off a little Latin vibe (the song was originally Spanish)

The lyrics tell you the singer's longing for love and for being loved in return. Even this song comes in the original packaging. What I mean by that is, Kyungsoo loved the original guide so much that he decided to record this song in Spanish as well. There is a huge contrast between the Korean and the Spanish lyrics, the Spanish lyrics talk about the singer's despair of one-sided love, the one you love but cannot have and yet you keep loving that person.

Favorite verse from the song:

Korean Version:

"Exhausting days and long loneliness, everything passes by What I want to meet around the corner Is again love."

Spanish Version:

"I’d give you the whole world in one second If only you were mine."


The next song is where the singer sings about his father, Dad. The lyrics here talk about how much he wants to learn life from his father and yet not being able to completely do it.

Favorite verse from the song:

"Cause you’ve always looked so strong You, who had to turn around and endure it alone I’m old enough to know a little bit That I’m able to understand you just now Makes my heart more upset."

I'm Fine

The sixth track of the song is I'm Fine. Here the singer admits that he is gradually losing his way and wants to correct his path. This song like his older That's okay song feels like a warm hug when you want to vent it all out.

Favorite verse from the song: "How are you? How are you doing? Is it the day you wished for? As you just asked me, ask yourself too “I’m doing fine” Without even hesitating I sincerely hope you tell this “I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine” With that one sentence, I too, I’m fine."

So, in all, I loved Kyungsoo's solo album. It is exactly like him. Nothing flashy. Heartfelt and true to himself. If you are looking for soft, healing songs, this is the album for you.

It is exactly like him. Nothing flashy. Heartfelt and true to himself.

And in case you haven't listened to his That's Okay yet, do it now! That song takes warm lyrics and vocals to another level.


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